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"People create organizations,and people can destroy them.
The most valuable commodity in business is not technology or capital but people.
The success of your business depends on the people you choose.
However it is never easy to find the right people at the right time for the right job."
Dr. Heinz-Joachim Heise

We are the only western recruiting consultancy with uncomparable international experience in develloping markets.
We have interviewed already more than 1.000 Iranian talents in Tehran.

We are the only recruiting company in Iran that is experienced in building up sales organisations from scratch; finance, accounting, marketing, logistics, customs, governmental relations and HR-administration included plus legal and taxation.

While we are solely engaged in recruitment, our business partner, Arjan Capital, provides financial and legal advisory solutions to foreign firms that intend to enter the Iranian market in sectors such as hospitality, financial services, petrochemicals and energy.

Your firm, too, can benefit from our dedicated resources backed by years of experience in human resource management.

We will inform you objectively about opportunities and risks in Iran, based on our deep insights into the Iranian economy and society.
We can help you to include Iraq into your business strategy.
We know about future challenges like e-commerce and mobile payment in Iran.

Unlike other firms, which may act as middle men, our firm’s interests are aligned with those of yours to help your business grow.


Unlock and organise your company’s in-house Iran know how and potential in a one day workshop with an Iran expert team!


Intercountry Consulting Corp. Iran, your number one advisor on Iran's job market!
Brilliant career opportunities with foreign multinational companies activ in Iran.
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Business Development Iran

Business investment and consulting. In cooperation with our partners Arjan Capital and IranEye we offer a multi-discipline platform to foreign entities, seeking entry into Iranian markets. Expand your market to Iran. Start your business now!

Our partners in Iran:

Arjan Capital

Arjan Capital Ltd.
115A, Floor 5, Valley Road
Imsida, Malta
Contact: Andreas Schweitzer

Export and payment facilities towards non-OECD countries
>> read more


Levels 7, 8 & 9, Park Building
114 Kaj Abadi, Valiasr, Tehran, Iran
Contact:  Masoumeh Khodsetan


Toronto-Canada M2N1X9
Phone: +1 647 391 0396
Toll Free: 18003013840
Contact: Rameen Abdollahi

Our partner in Ukraine:

Delta Hunt International
150D, Lobanovsky Avenue
office 3, 03118, Kiev
Tel.: +38 044 228 2550
Fax: +38 044 228 2550

Contact: Andrey Grishchenko

Latest Publications:

National Conference on Rethinking and Foresight in the Iranian Teaching and Learning System, in View of the Rapid Contemporary Global Changes - Tehran, 22-23 Feb, 2016
prepared by Dr. Heinz-Joachim Heise and Arjan Capital, published February 22nd, 2016
The importance of international training for Iranian companies in order to reconnect rapidly with European companies. Comparison of take-off situation in Russia early 90's and Iran of today. >> read more

Iranian cigarettes market:
opportunities and challenges for a multibillion-dollar fantastic business.
prepared by Siamak Ghafari, published January 16th, 2016
This article aims to determine problems and opportunities in the increasing demanding cigarettes market of Iran. >> read more

Sample SWOT for European insurance company which want to enter Iran
prepared by Amir Mehdi Ebrahimian, published December 29, 2015
Opportunities: Develop new products, specifically, in health / life insurance. Local competitors have poor products and services. Profit margins in retailing will be very good cause of economy of scale. >> read more

E-Commerce & M-Commerce Boom in Iran
prepared by Kiarash Abbaszadeh, published December 09, 2015
In 2014, the total transactions of Iran online shopping was 17 Billion USD and this amount is only for online payment and other payment methods such as cash payment which is very usual are not included. >> read full article

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